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Texas - Austin: Kirkus Indie Review Kirkus Media LLC
African adventure presents two dichotomous men: Sly Stone, who kills and
sadistically torments whomever he wishes, and Don Buchanan, who plans to exact his revenge on Stone for killing his one true love.
In order to save himself from murder charges—in the death of a woman whom he had married for the potential inheritance—Stone, an amoral sexual deviant, cons his way onto a yacht owned by Buchanan and his wife, Tracey. A
storm gives Stone the opportunity to rid himself of the couple—a brash, impulsive action that leaves Tracey dead and Buchanan stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Stone steals Buchanan’s passport and, once on the mainland, begins a journey from city to city that often appears aimless. 
The author’s knowledge of Africa, its people and its customs is crucial to the readability of this gruesome, twisting story of murder and revenge.
An intelligent criminal and intense bloodlust highlight this actioner. Kirkus 

Malaysia - Lumut - Kristin Bruvik Whitehead: "Wonderful! I enjoyed it so much. I don't know where you found the time to write even one book"

UK - Kent - Cara Mia: [Amazon verified] [Barnes & Noble verified][kalahari.com verified] "Riveting! A thrilling mystery and a fast paced journey through many exotic countries. The author has a remarkable knowledge of all the countries travelled through in the novel, as well as the ability to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. This book is better than 'Fifty Shades' as it has it all! I can highly recommend this book!"

Australia - Unknown"I loved this story - it was an excellent plot and really well written. You have a very good future ahead of you as an author - hope you are continuing to write"

South Africa - Benmore, Gauteng - Carla Eddles: [Barnes & Noble verified] ''At first I had a morbid fascination for what I was reading but soon that changed into something I can only describe as gripping. From page one I could not put it down!  I've already ordered the other one for my bookclub" 

Zimbabwe - Jac Buchner: "In reading Checkmate I found that it has all the ingredients for an entertaining read. The author has an excellent knowledge of the East African coastal area, Zimbabwe and South Africa and her characters come alive in the story. There are many interesting twists to the tale and on the whole the book is an easy read. The book has all the ingredients necessary for a thriller, with lots of action and a fair amount of violence, murder, and graphic descriptions of seduction and sex. It is definitely not for the faint hearted." 

Malaysia - Lumut - Kristin Bruvik Whitehead: "Of all your books - Wonderful! I enjoyed them so much. I don't know where you found the time to write even one book"

USA - North Carolina - Tollan I. Wade: [Amazon verified]  "Since I've been to Rhodesia and the Seychelles many times (I want to own Denis Island one day) I decided to read this writer's two novels. Both were interesting and great reading material. I highly recommend this book. Once I started, I couldn't put it down. This book has much going for it and for anybody looking for something different, this is it! 

Isle of Man - Aubrey Brooks - ex Selous Scout: "Checkmate is a brilliant book, full of suspense. I really recommend it. Well written Greer"

UK - London - Ken Tilbury: [Amazon verified] [Barnes & Noble verified]"CHECKMATE is a fast moving, action packed crime story filled with deceit, murder and sex. The author's description of people and places is excellent as the villain leaves a trail of murder and false leads as he twists and turns in his effort to outwit his pursuer who seeks revenge. The author has handled the different points of view with mastery as she brings the characters together. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and read it in a day". 

USA - Florida - Trish Jackson: [Amazon verified] "Horrific, Depraved and Shocking, author Greer Noble has masterfully created the ultimate sociopath in Sly Stone. Charming, handsome and manipulative, his childhood abuse has destroyed any feelings of regret a normal person would experience. As he travels across Africa, he leaves a path of carnage, betrayal, debauchery and torture and is seemingly unstoppable.
But... He doesn't reckon with Don Buchanan's hunger for revenge.
The author's wry sense of humor when she describes the law enforcement officers on Stone's tail bring some much needed relief from the tension.
 The terrifying events will keep you turning the pages, desperate for someone to take Stone down. I loved the twist right at the end and never saw it coming. What a great job.. it is awesome"

UK - Surrey - Mark Andrews: [Amazon verified] "Incredible storyline! What a brilliant book, lots of unexpected twists and turns, excellent plot...very well written. I really enjoy this author. I hope she writes more!" 

USA - AA: [Amazon verified] "Twists and turns you'll never expect. This will blow your mind and take your breath away! It's a wild, action-packed thriller like you've never read before. I guarantee you won't be able to put it down until you've turned the last page!"

UK - Newcastle upon Tybe - Liz Handyside[Powell's verified] "Easy.. laid back ..and fun reading ..Greer Noble's books..are a must read.." 

USA - Anna Othitis: [Amazon verified] "Excellent Read. I read this book and recommend it as a great read - very enthusiastic and gripping story. Greer is a talented author with much amazing stories and choice of words that have you continuing to read."

Kenya - Kuda: [Amazon verified] "I've given this 5 stars. It's one of the best thrillers I have read in a long time. Familiar with this author's writing, I felt assured in buying this book. I'm pleased to say, even though it's completely different, I was not disappointed. In fact it's probably one of the best thrillers I've ever read! The anti-hero will shock you, the hero will excite you. It's a chase, it's kill or be killed, it's the hunter and the hunted all the way with twists you will never see coming. Not recommended for those with weak hearts - it will take your breath away. It's a killer.. you can't NOT read it. It's an absolute MUST read! "

USA - Marshall Hanks: [Amazon verified] "Unpredictable Twists - Zany crazy action-packed yet an easy read. The force of evil so strong, it's tangible. The humour subtle, tasteful. A yacht in gale-force winds, a psychopath on the move - masterfully orchestrated, it's kill or be killed. This is a thriller to die for - it's sensual, sadistic and sinful. Don't read it if you're a prude - it's wicked, addictive!"

UK - Essex - Keith Wright:  [Goodreads] "I Heard Frank Skinner (English writer, TV, radio presenter and actor) say that you should read page 56 of a book and if you like that you will like the book. Well here page 56 has murder, intrigue and a naked woman’s body and without giving anything away I think that this is quite representative of what you will get in the book. I was asked not to judge it until the end and whilst I was shaken by some of the twists the end really was a surprise.
If you get a chance please read this book, and if you know anyone in Hollywood please get them to make it as a film – Jason Statham would be good (although my wife suggests Ryan Gosling!)"

United Kingdom - Codnor Bruce Brislin: 5 stars [Amazon verified]   Having recently completed Greer Noble’s book ‘Veiled Madness’ I knew I would be in for a good read with ‘Checkmate.’ It turned out to be even better than I had expected; action packed from the first page to the last and it kept me wondering how things were ultimately going to be resolved.
The subject is not a pleasant one; the main antihero being a singularly perverted and remorseless character but the story is brilliantly told with wonderful dialogue and a pace that would satisfy the most impatient of readers. The deadly game between the hero and the villain flits across southern and eastern Africa where the scene is set almost photographically but with that lightest of touches that demonstrates the author’s intimate knowledge of the region.
Greer Noble’s writing is easy but vivid and her use of language top-notch. The plot is essentially a simple one of revenge but with the multiple twists and turns she succeeds in building into it, it is rich and compelling. It must have taken a lot of planning, and it shows.
This is a writer to be reckoned with; I said previously, she might well become known as the female Wilbur Smith of modern southern African literature and I am even more convinced of this for having read this, her second book. 

Canada - Reader unknown - [Amazon verified] 'Exciting' is not the word, it's tantamount to being darn right terrifying.. utterly compelling. This is a thriller comparable only to (a modern day) 'Jack the Ripper'! It's intense 'heart-in-the-mouth' suspense has twists and turns you'll never predict. Two complete opposites cross paths and a life threatening scenario develops into an insanely impossible situation. Spiced with subtle humour, the unexpected will captivate you as will each page intrigue you. What a book - what a film it would make!