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My Funny Africa
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Joy and George Adamson with Elsa and Boy
Since we humans have the better brain, isn't it our responsibility to protect our fellow creatures from, oddly enough, ourselves?
      - Joy Adamson -



              CECIL BOOKMARK... 
       with each book, depending how good looking you are! 

A free bookmark, a tribute to 13 year old Cecil, Zimbabwe's most famous lion known for his rare black mane, sense of humour (which he passed onto his cubs), other amusing antics and magnificent roar.  He'd worn 4 GPS collars since 1999, part of a research project carried out by Oxford University, before being tragically killed by the bow of a hunter in July 2015.  The pleasure and joy he gave to all fortunate enough to have seen him in the wilds is sorely missed but his demise has mercifully sparked much needed awareness around the world of extinction threatening these magnificent creatures also prompting international airlines to ban trophy freight.


Picture"Smile Ernie, you're on Candid Camera."
These stories - the love, passion, fun, laughter, shock, fear, disbelief and unique expressions are equally at risk of extinction as are certain species of game. Greer Noble, with much of her own life spent in the bush, recognised this and expertly sought and assembled fellow bushwhackers to share their memories. You will know some of them - the illustrious Will Travers of the Born Free Foundation, renowned conservationist and UN Messenger of Peace, Jane Goodall, esteemed award-winning author and fellow countryman, Wilbur Smith, celebrated author and professor, Bob Shacochis, distinguished, award-winning wild-life artists, Sue MassSaskia von Sperber and Larry Norton, professional game guides including the legendary Lloyd Wilmot of Botswana, Rob Fynn of Zimbabwe and Rory Young formally of Zambia (now covering the whole of Africa, training anti-poaching units - Africa's premier guardian of wildlife), primatologists, anthropologist, geophysicist, wildlife photographers, journalists, radio show hosts, salt-of-the-earth farmers, even a college boy, all submitted their stories, their experiences, illustrating their love of the wilds... condensed into a 394 page gem of a book, My Funny Africa... the result?  - an Africa extraordinaire!

To read about the Born Free Foundation and the splendid work they're doing

My Funny Africa friends -  ROGUES' GALLERY 
Listed alphabetically by surname


Writers & Artists

Brief Bio


Mike Ballantine


Adele Barton

Sometime journalist, PR man, estate agent, minor developer, bushwhacker and adventurer. Born and brought up in Africa. Lives between Africa and Europe.

Writer, animal and wildlife enthusiast. Budding ornithologist. Actress, adventurer, bushwhacker. Born in Kenya. Now lives in Zimbabwe.

Tim Bax

Brought up in Tanganyika, UK & Canada, highly acclaimed author, ex-Rhodesian Army & Selous Scouts lieutenant,  now assists in survival courses.. read more here: http://www.timothybax.com/


Jeremy Bentley

Mad engineer, goofy socially civilized bachelor, secretly adventurous, dreams of adrenalin filled explorations. Fairly normal bushwhacker, only occasionally suffers agoraphobia, vertigo, claustrophobia & arachnophobia. Rhodesian born, bred & educated he now lives in S.A.


Nick Bornman

In tourism for 30 years. Mobile - Go Wild Safaris, Botswana then 'See Africa Tours', Namibia. Now owns Guesthouse, Oyster Bay Beach Lodge, Oyster Bay, Eastern Cape. http://www.oysterbaybeachlodge.co.za/

Bruce Brislin

Geophysicist, served with RRAF during bush war, artist, published author. 6th generation African, lived in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe),  Botswana and now resides in the UK https://www.facebook.com/bruce.brislin

Ginny Brock

Journalist turned author, metaphysics student. Born in Johannesburg, lived in Seychelles, Rhodesia and with  family in USA, Dubai, Singapore. Now lives in Virginia, USA.  http://www.ginnybrockwriter.com  

Heather Clark

Born and raised Rhodesian. Worked in Safari Industry in Botswana. Hosting trips into the National Parks helped her see funnier side of life. Sometime singer and artist - lives in Maun. http://facebook.com/heatherclarkufo

Gavin Cooper

Independent Financial Adviser with MBA in "rocket science".  Lived in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana, now based in East Africa.

Bella Costa

Published author - Adventure and Romance Novelist. Professional Ocean Freight-Forwarder. Rhodesian born and raised, currently residing in the U.K.

Connor Eddles

Vered Ehsani

College student, brother-teaser, globe-trotter and
bushwhacker, born and brought up in Africa and sometimes UK. For the moment residing in 'Mud Island' in the rural county of Hampshire, England.

South African born, educated in Canada. Civil Engineer, multi-book Author, own radio show Africa Creates Talk Show Host – International  –  Artist First Radio Network – Nairobi, Kenya. http://veredehsani.blogspot.co.uk/

Rob Fynn

Published author; professional game guide; past owner of Fothergil Island Game Lodge. Bred a Rhodesian, trained RN officer, BSc (Civ Eng) Bristol. Lives in Zimbabwe. 

Marilyn Garvin

Used to be a farmer's wife just outside Mutare and now a housewife in Harare. Born and bred in Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe. https://www.facebook.com/marilyn.garvin.1

Chris Goldswain

Works in IT; BCom (Hons), BSc Environmental Studies. Worked: Gold & diamond mines, banking, education, manufacturing. Lived: Southern Africa. Now lives in UK.

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall, PhD, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, world renowned for pioneering research on wild chimpanzees and efforts today to inspire every individual to protect the environment we share. www.janegoodall.org

Reiko Goodwin

rimatological researcher - Africa, Physical Anthropologist, Conservationist. Born in Toyama-shi, Toyama, Japan. Speaks English, French, Japanese. Lives in New York

Kevin Graham

In his fifth decade, born and raised in Africa, extensively traveled, he's currently in UK, haunted by the memory of a lost paradise

Angie Gullan

Founder, in 1994, of Africa’s first wild dolphin swim program in Ponta do Ouro Marine Reserve, Mozambique. Supports marine mammal monitoring and research. Conscious dolphin interaction. www.dolphincenter.org 

Gary Hannan

Native of Zimbabwe, soldier (Rhodesian Army then South African Special Forces), commercial diver, talented artist, songwriter - first single released 2012. Read more here..


Diana Hawkins

Zimbabwe-born former journalist, environmental writer. Published author of adult and children’s books; Shadows Along the Zambezi; Lumpy the Elephant. Resides in USA http://dianamhawkins-books.com

Eve How

Farmer, conservationist, adventurer, bushwhacker. Crazy about all animals and the wilds of Africa. Brought up in Rhodesia and still lives in Africa.

Trish Jackson

Published author of several romantic suspense novels. 2nd generation Rhodesian sparked a love of adventure and romance influencing her writing. She now lives in the USA. http://www.trishjackson.com

Joe Khamisi

Former politician, political analyst and author. Born in Kenya. Widely traveled he divides his time between Kenya and the US http://joekhamisi.wordpress.com/

Addie Kraan

Retired engineer, 48 years photographing wildlife in  Zambezi-Binga area, Rhodesia. Pro scuba diver, Zimbabwe Bisley shottist, hospitality, commercial fishing. Lives in UK

Tom Lang

Born and brought up in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Military background. Great love of the wilds. Now lives in South Africa https://www.facebook.com/tom.lang.9461/info

Rachel Lang

Privileged to have traveled much of Southern Africa from an early age - plans to spend more time passing on her bush knowledge to children. Based in Cape Town.  https://www.facebook.com/BushBoundGirl

James Lepper

A graduate of the Royal Agricultural College, he married a crazy Rhodesian-raised lady who took him to Africa for an adventure.. he's now safely back living in England. https://www.facebook.com/kim.lepper.3

Kim Lepper

From Rhodesia, her first recollection of wildlife is dawn viewings of white lions at Timbavati; loves observing game in its natural habitat. Now a housewife in rural England https://www.facebook.com/kim.lepper.3

Colin Lowe

Zambezi River Canoe Safari specialist for 25 years. Kariba  tracking instructor during bush war. Rancher. Born and bred Rhodesian. Now lives in Livingstone, Zambia. 

Carol Lyes

Born and brought up in Salisbury, Rhodesia; lived in Zambia, Kenya, S. Africa.  Married - only son lives in London.  Loves the wilds of Africa and all its creatures.

Sue Maas

Celebrated wildlife artist. Born in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, lived in Mozambique and Lesotho. Previous partner of Tiger Bay Lodge, Umi River, Lake Kariba. Now lives in South Africa


Charles Mackie

Conservationist engaged in field work in the former National Parks & Wildlife of Rhodesia - latterly flying for various international conservation organisations in a number of African countries. Born and lives in Harare. 

Hamza Mwita

Professional Safari Guide and Water Sport Instructor, enthusiastic soccer coach. Based in Watamu, a beautiful coastal village and tourist hot spot on the North Coast of Kenya - a must for your bucket list so see you there! 


Greer Noble

Made in Africa novelist and non-fiction author, hospitality preceptor, conservation addict and serial bushwhacker! Can be found roaming between Africa, Europe and wherever else the wind dictates. 

Larry Norton

Zimbabwe born, internationally acclaimed wildlife artist of 20 years, based in Victoria Falls. Worked with galleries in New York and London - Extensive travels/expeditions across Africa including a year with bush pilot Tom Claytor flying through 18 African countries. www.larrynorton.co.za

Gareth Patterson


Bob Shacochis

Gareth has dedicated his entire adult life to the greater protection of the African lion. His autobiography, My Lion's Heart  www.mylionsheart.com - released in Oct 2014. www.garethpatterson.com www.sekaiafrica.com

Born Sep 9, 1951, Bob is an acclaimed American novelist, short story writer and literary journalist. He teaches creative writing at Florida State University. 

Wilbur Smith


Ken Tilbury

Will Travers

orn in Central Africa 1933. Educated at Michaelhouse and Rhodes University. Full-time writer since 1964 after  successful publication of When the Lion Feeds. Since written over 30 meticulously researched novels on  numerous expeditions worldwide, now translated into 26 languages http://www.wilbursmithbooks.com/books

Commercial farmer, crocodile breeder turned author - lived in Swaziland, served in PATU during Rhodesia bush war for 12 years. Speaks Siswati, Shona and Afrikaans. UK retired.  www.kentilbury.com

Will Travers OBE -
Co-Founder and President of the Born Free Foundation and Born Free USA -Internationally renowned wildlife expert who's dedicated his life to stop wild animal suffering and protect threatened species worldwide  http://www.bornfree.org.uk/ 
    Saskia von Sperber

From Germany, Saskia followed her dream - to Africa. Worked: Namibia, S Africa, Zambia, Botswana - as a game guide, translator, horseback safari manager. She's an award winning artist. Presently in Germany.
Tollan I Wade

Born in England in 1954. Father - banker, transferred in 1956 to Southern Rhodesia where the author grew up. Now a successful Indie writer, he lives in USA.   http://tiwade.com/

           Ron Watts

UK born.  Project Development/GM Resort Management. Avid Globetrotter - Lived/worked Rhodesia/ Zimbabwe, S.Africa, Iran, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Caribbean, USA. Mad about Wildlife & Nature.

    Lloyd Wilmot
Born in Francistown, legendary conservationist and Safari Guide of 43+ years - Lloyd’s Camp, Savute, 19 years, Botswana culture enthusiast - speaks Setswana fluently. Maun based. http://www.wilmotsafaris.com/

Tamsin Williams


               Bart Wolffe

Amateur photographer from Hampshire. Childhood spent watching David Attenborough films resulted in addiction to travel to wildlife destinations, Africa being a favourite.

Bart left Zimbabwe in 2003 and now lives and continues to write in England. He was a creative director, actor and author working with radio,print,film and television in Africa http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/bartwolffe

Rory Young

Born in Zambia and raised in Zimbabwe and Malawi. A professional guide with exceptional knowledge of wildlife, he's dedicated his life to Wildlife Protection and works and trains anti-poaching units across Africa.



Russell Barnett

Born In Rhodesia, Russell lives in Cork, Ireland with itchy feet to return to Africa. An artist, he specialises in pictorial map making; natural history; botanical and fine line work; calligraphy and hand lettering.

Sue Maas

Celebrated wildlife artist. Born in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, lived in Mozambique and Lesotho. Previous partner of Tiger Bay Lodge, Umi River, Lake Kariba. Now lives in South Africa.

Vic Mac Kenzie

Illustrator/Rhodesian Herald Editorial Cartoonist. Book publishing industry.  Ran div Human Kinetics, world's largest Sport Publishers.  Rhodesian born & bred. Now lives USA. https://www.facebook.com/victor.mackenzie1

Larry Norton

Zimbabwe born, internationally acclaimed wildlife artist of 20 years, based in Victoria Falls. Worked with galleries in New York and London - Extensive travels/expeditions across Africa including a year with bush pilot Tom Claytor flying through 18 African countries. www.larrynorton.co.za

Saskia von Sperber

Born in Germany, Saskia following her dream and traveled to Africa. Her "funny stuff" got her elected Runner Up Wildlife Artist of the Year in Botswana. She's now based in Germany. www.africawild-at-art.com

THE LIGHTER SIDE OF TOURIST QUESTIONS - In this instance My Funny Africa is a must!
Tourist guides to South Africa: they’re everywhere. In airports, bookstores and curio shops next to those big wooden giraffes. With so many of them around (guide books and wooden giraffes), you would think that all the important “need to know" information would be covered.
Apparently not...

On Africa’s wildlife
“Do whales always give birth in the water?’ Asked by an American tourist, whilst looking at the whales at Gansbaai - Erlo Brown
"What do I do if I get bitten by a lion?" Chinese tourist overheard on safari at Tsavo, Kenya – Chloe Stoodley
“Do giraffes hunt in packs?" – Jeannie Celeste Kenney
“What do you feed the whales? When do you feed them? How do you keep them in the bay? Why don’t they jump out of the water today? Will they come closer if you call them?" Asked by American tourists in Gansbaai on the Cape Whale Coast – Sanchia Chivell
“What species of dog is a lion?" – Nicola Leach
“Are there lions in the street in South Africa?" – Christel Marais
“Is the hyena related to the brown bear?" Asked by an American tourist while visiting Moholoholo near Hoedspruit – Eileen Bailie
“What time can we expect the lions to roar?" American tourists overheard at Pilansberg, South Africa – Lynton Lewis
“Now I know why giraffes are so tall, so they can hunt monkeys in trees." Asked by a guest after seeing a giraffe chewing on a bone – Bush Willem Gouws
“You should catch the monkeys and teach them to eat with a knife and fork and sit at the table with us, so they can entertain us" – Bush Willem Gouws
“At what time do they round up the animals and lock them in the cages for the night?" asked by a German tourist in Etosha – Tina Schilling
“Where do rhinos lay their eggs?" asked by a Japanese traveler - Thombe SAFARI

On Africa’s public service
“Did you guys receive the maize meal we sent over?" An American pastor asked Ashley Davis while she was working at an American Airlines call centre at the Waterfront, Cape Town.
On a business trip previously to USA we were asked, “Do you have internet? Do you have electricity or do you generate your own power? Are you cannibals?" – Cara Laubscher
“Do you have running water in SA?" - Sue Walker (sometimes Sue!)
After Jacques Nadia Strydom explained to an American colleague that Africa is actually a continent having many countries, like South America, he said, “OK, but in which country is the government then?"

On landscape management
“What time do they turn the Howick Falls off?" Asked by a German tourist in the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands - Nicci Eaglestone
“Why don’t they clean up the park by picking up the elephant dung?" Asked by a tourist on a trip to Addo Elephant Park – Christel Marais
“Why is it raining?" - Saskia Bok
“Which highway did you take to get from South Africa to the United States?" An American tourist asked Jasmin Nagel while she was in San Diego.
“Why is everyone driving on the wrong side of the road?" – Saskia Bok
“How long to plant garden?" Asked by a Japanese tourist while driving through a nature reserve – San-Marie Jolliffe
“Which end is the deep end?" Asked by two teenage tourists while standing in the shallow surf on Durban beachfront – Devin Smith
“Who cuts the grass in the Kruger Park?" – Jessy Lipperts
“Who planted all the trees?" An Italian tourist inquired while on a game drive in the Kruger – John Adamson
“Is this the same moon we get back in the states?" – Thombe SAFARI
“So, like, if it’s day time in Cape Town, is it night time at Phinda (on the KZN north coast)?" – Marnie Steffny

On Africa’s food
In the middle of the Malawian bush whilst overlanding, one tourist squealed, “Take me to the nearest Deli!" Luckily for her there was one just around the next bush – Sonja Pienaar
"Where is the nearest McDonalds?" Asked by an American (of course) tourist at Sesriem – Nakkiran Sunassee

On South African culture
"Do you have vacuum cleaners in South Africa?" Christel Marais was asked while au pairing in Holland.
“No, we use elephant trunks!" she replied.
If you have any questions... or remarkable answers... please share them with us in Comments below....

'The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated'